Open Space Committee Overview

The citizens of the Town of Fairfax have long cultivated a deep appreciation of the biodiversity and special beauty of their local environment. There remains environmentally sensitive lands in the Town of Fairfax that are subject to development pressures which threaten the loss of unique environmental and aesthetic qualities for future generations of citizens. The development issues can be particularly divisive to the social fabric of our community and the web of relationships which sustain it; and, the citizens of Fairfax have long demonstrated a preference to exercise local control and dominion over our remaining open space so towards those needs the Open Space Committee was created.

The Open Space Committee is a standing committee and functions is an advisory body to the Town Council with the charge to assess open space acquisition opportunities, raise funds and support within the community for such proposals and advise the Town Council on matters of common concern.

The Committee has in its purview responsibility to survey the lands within, and adjacent to, the Town of Fairfax in order to determine the availability of unique, threatened, or environmentally sensitive land parcels that may be appropriate to acquire to hold in perpetuity as dedicated open space for the public; The Committee also has responsibility for the consideration of long term planning of open space in and near Fairfax, for the generation of community support for the implementation of that program and for the fund raising necessary to implement the plan. The Open Space Committee may also involve itself as an advisory body in the consideration of long term planning for the Town and also review planning and development matters in order to formulate policy it may deem appropriate to advocate.

Regular Meeting Schedule

The Open Space Committee typically meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Meetings generally take place at the Youth Center at 14 Park Road. Please visit their website for the meeting agendas.

Committee Members

The Open Space Committee consists of 9 citizens who reside within Fairfax. Membership on the Open Space Committee shall be approved by the Fairfax Town Council from applications submitted by interested Fairfax residents. Members of the Open Space Committee shall serve for terms of four years.

Membership of the Open Space Committee is posted annually. Note that membership may change throughout the year. Contact the Town Clerk for further information. Current members include:

  • Michael Ardito
  • Charles Cornwell
  • Ruth Horn
  • Jack Judkins
  • Lauren Hinxmann
  • Susan Pascal Beran
  • Chance Cutrano
  • Chris Borjian
  • Shelley Clark

Open Space Committee Website

You can access more information about the activities of the Open Space Committee (including meeting agendas and meeting minutes) on the committee's website. Proposed Priority Conservation Areas (“PCA”) information is posted on the Open Space website.

Open Space Committee Plan and Resolution

Note: PDF Documents require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader

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